Refund Policy

Updated 5 April, 2020



There is a STRICT NO REFUND POLICY.  Easy Profile Profits is not guaranteeing any income level. The income examples shown are extraordinary. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they are designed to give an idea of what's possible. This is not a get rich scheme. Success in this business - as with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication.


All Easy Profile Profits courses have a no refund policy. Due to the digital format of Easy Profile Profits products, the customer receives an immediate benefit from the product prior to the return, such as access to all course content, live coaching calls, community, and other online resources. 


All Coaching courses have a no refund policy. Please refer to the specific coaching workshop contract for terms and conditions for refunds and chargebacks. 


Should you have any questions about our no refund policy, please reach out to